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Bible Reading Marathon

26th October 2018 (Friday) - 29th October (Monday)

Illona de Wit, a Despatch wife and mother, is organising a Bible reading marathon in the Despatch Main Town Hall from 5am on Friday 26th October to approximately 4pm on Monday 29th October, followed by a close-off prayer.  Participants will join in reading the Bible publicly from the start of Genesis to the end of Revelation in 15 minute slots, taking an estimated 84 hours to read it through continuously. English, Afrikaans and Xhosa versions of the Bible will be available for the readers.
Prospective marathoners are asked to complete the application form - one per individual - and return forms to Illona at / 073 350 6999 or to Elmarita Wicks, who is helping her organise the event, at / 072 357 2829. Completed forms can also be faxed to 086 212 6542.
More info on Gateway News.
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