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Category: Career Guidance

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Facebook Google Maps Candice Chetty - Registered Counsellor
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Contact Candice Chetty
Cell: 081 704 4849   
14 Azteca Street, Parsonsvlei, Port Elizabeth, 6025
Career Assessment and Counselling (adolescents and adults), Personal Counselling, Personal Development, Learning/Study Enhancement

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Counselling Services (Pastoral) The Coping Skills Center
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Contact Dr Ana Gomes
Tel: 041 360 8472   Fax: 041 360 1625   Cell: 072 496 9633
Our Centre helps parents/guardians and their children learn how to cope with ADHD and other related problems. We also offers guidance to families with difficulties, whether it be marriage, teen problems, learning difficulties, and other issues.

LMS Life Counselling
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Contact Dr Leon M. Steenkamp
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Clinical Pastoral Therapist / Mediator. Registered with the Professional Board for Psychology of the HPCSA.

The Comforters Voice
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Contact Neil Collins
Cell: 071 472 3191
COUNSELLING SERVICES AND MARRIAGE OFFICER. Any/all Counselling that is needed (grief, marriage, family, rehabilitation, counselling individuals with depression etc), but I specialize in Trauma counselling and Suicide Intervention.

Education & Training (Adult) Academy of Excellence in Maths and Science

Contact Trevor Ryan
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Expert Private Tuition in all Mathematics related subjects, School and University levels

Total Concept
Contact Liandre Hawkes
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An organisation dedicated to the beauty, health & skincare profession, comprising a clinic, spa, intl. training academy and distribution business

Leadership Development A 'Peace' of Art
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Contact Nelmari Oosthuysen
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Crafty workshops, Craft supplies, Leadership development, Therapy, Team Building