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CH Gas Works

CH Gas Works
CH Gas Works
CH Gas Works specializes in the Installing, Maintaining and Upgrading of all  Domestic, Commercial and Industrial LP Gas installations and is registered with LP Gas Association of South Africa QCC 654.

What we can do for our customers:
  • Issue of Compliance certificates (as required by SANS 10087 and insurers)

  • Installation of all LP Gas appliances (Stoves, Hobs, Gas geysers, Fire places, etc.)
  • Repair and maintenance to domestic appliances

  • Installation of Vapour LP Gas manifolds (Restaurants, Factories)
  • Installation of Liquid LP Gas manifolds with electric vaporizers to supply high volume LP Gas for industrial users
  • Maintenance to all commercial gas installations (Changing of regulators, gas meters, serpentines and general maintenance as prescribed by SANS 10087)
  • Manufacturing of boiling tables as per customer's needs (Stainless steel, Galvanized, Mild steel)
  • Manufacture and install gas cages (Galvanized, Painted and Custom Built Brick Cages)
Boiling Table
Boiling Table
Gas Vaporiser
Gas Vaporiser
  • Installation of bulk LP Gas vessels
  • Repairs and maintenance to LP Gas vessels (Change pressure relieve valves, repair liquid LP Gas pumps etc.)

  • Registered with the Compressed Gas Association to install and maintain industrial gases such as:
    • Medical oxygen (Hospitals, clinics, surgeries, etc.)
    • Industrial oxygen (For gas cutting)
    • Industrial Acetylene
    • Nitrogen
    • Carbon dioxide
    • Hydrogen
  • Install and maintain all inert and flammable gas manifolds (Regulators, Serpentines, Pressure Relief Devices, etc.)
Domestic Gas Geyser
Domestic Gas Geyser

Galvanised Gas Cage
Galvanised Gas Cage

Gas Cage
Brick Gas Cage

Chris Harmse
Cell: 082 474 3960

P.O. Box 11069,
Algoa Park,
Port Elizabeth, 6061

CH Gas works in all areas
of the Eastern Cape