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Harvest Christian School

Established in 1987, Harvest Christian School offers private education for learners from Pre-school through to Grade 12. With a maximum class size of 24, children are guaranteed individual attention from our dedicated teachers. Our Matrics gain an IEB (Independent Examinations Board) qualification which is moderated by UMALUSI and highly valued in our universities. The School offers a full sport, cultural and missions program.
Our Motto – “To know Him” – reflects the most important principle embraced within our school community. It is through the experience and knowledge of the fullness of God revealed to us in the Divine Trinity that our individual and corporate value and purpose is secured.
Our Mission Statement and Vision – Harvest Christian School exists to serve the Christian family with whom we partner to train and disciple young people in a Biblical Worldview for Growth, excellence and influence – clearly defines our purpose.
Our Core Values – Truth, Salvation, Redemption, Kingdom, Respect, Love, Honour and Perseverance – reflect the essential values that have become evident as the key building blocks in the development of our school community. Morally supportive values and ethics are imperative for a successful partnership between the school and our families.
Harvest Christian School
83 Albert Road, Walmer, 6070, Port Elizabeth
Tel: +27(0)41 581 2007   *   Fax: +27(0)41 581 4989
admissions@harvestcs.co.za , secretary@harvestcs.co.za
Website : www.harvestschool.co.za