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"Your conduct is the most effective sermon you will ever preach"


24 June 2019 (Monday)
  -  FOR SA (Freedom of Religion South Africa) Road Show

18 October 2019 (Friday) - 19 October (Saturday)
  -  The Global Leadership Summit 2019 in Port Elizabeth

27 November 2019 (Wednesday) - 28 November (Thursday)
  -  African Advanced Manufacturing and Composites Show   [website]


Mend a Bath InternationalThe world’s best bath resurfacing networkIt costs to replace. It pays to resurface.Baths/basins/tilesCall Wanda 079 879 7098www.mendabath.com

JMD Solutions
Bookkeeping & Payroll
Affordable - Reliable - 15 years experience
Taryn Saayman Cell: 084 628 2730
Email: taryn@jmdbookkeepingsolutions.co.za
Web: www.jmdbookkeepingsolutions.co.za
80 Bougainvillea Drive, Linton Grange, Port Elizabeth, 6025
Bookkeeping, payroll and general administration services

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