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"Your conduct is the most effective sermon you will ever preach"


21 March 2018 (Wednesday)
  -  The Little Vintage Fayre  [email me]  [website]


  • FREE-LANCE BOOKKEEPING / ACCOUNTING SERVICES - Lady with 12y ears bookkeeping experience. I offer complete bookkeeping services from home - saving costs on having to employ a full time person.
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  • EMOTIONAL FITNESS THERAPY - Do you feel that you are going in a circle? One step forward two steps back? Do you feel everything is ok but just not good enough? Let me support you to receive your blessings and be the best you can be once and for all.
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  • WEM COURIER & DELIVERY SERVICES - Courier & delivery services offered in Nelson Mandela Metro and aurrounds. Call 0784410535 for a quote! Fast & efficient goods transport services!
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