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"Your conduct is the most effective sermon you will ever preach"


27 November 2019 (Wednesday) - 28 November (Thursday)
  -  African Advanced Manufacturing and Composites Show   [website]


  • BUSINESS STRUCTURAL SOLUTIONS: - Renovate your business!! I specialize in operational, financial and marketing consulting and will give your business a dynamic makeover. I also do books to balance-sheet. Give me a call today! 065 624 4821 / 072 348 4608.
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  • PREMISES FOR VALETS/SEATS CLEANING WANTED - I am looking for a small premises to do seats cleaning etc. The one I am using has been sold. Please if someone has even a workplace to share. Contact 0724698815.
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Cheeky Meats - Distributers of biltong and drywors - Alfred 060 353 6220

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