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Uviwe Child & Youth Services

Agents of Hope Champions of Children’s Rights Sustainable partnerships Empowering Communities
Uviwe Child + Youth Services
We help young children from disadvantaged communities
to reach their full potential and live an incredible life!

UVIWE is a non-profit organisation, situated in the vibrant community of Schauderville in PE.

We form sustainable partnerships with government, civil society and businesses to ensure long term social change for children in our city!
A community fit to raise every one of its children

Our areas of impact include:
  1. ECD - Early childhood development
  2. Education support and afterschool programme
  3. Youth development
  4. Strengthening of child protection systems in local communities

Are you looking for a trustworthy
to give children an equal start in life? Support UVIWE and let your donation help you to access tax benefits, or increase your BBBEE scorecard. We have PBO (with section 18A) status and our SED certificate endorses > 75% black beneficiaries.

A community fit to raise every one of its childrenHow you can make a difference:
  • Support financial support for a child’s education
  • Donate educational toys, stationery, playground equipment, matrasses and toiletries;
  • Volunteer your time and/or skills
  • Join our fundraising campaigns
Uviwe Child & Youth Services,
First National Bank (FNB),
Branch: 210317, Account number: 53460025043

Contact us: uviwe@uviwe.co.za, phone 041 453 0441/2/5, visit www.uviwe.co.za