Sumcay - End of an era

Sumcay - End of an era



After 40 years and over 600 000 camper nights the trustees of Sumcay Camping Centre have made a decision to sell the Sumcay and Waterways properties.

Started in 1979 by the Scripture Union and YMCA to have a place where they could reach and disciple young people as Jesus followers, Sumcay has become a name associated with fun, changed lives and special experiences at a venue that has always tried to strive for excellence.

Dwindling camp numbers and economic pressures being faced by schools, churches and South Africans, as well as the devastating loss of income brought on by covid, has led the trustees to believe that it is the end of a remarkably blessed season that has been so special for hundreds of thousands in the Nelson Mandela Metro, the country and worldwide.

As this season ends, we would love to see Sumcay enter a new chapter with a new mission and ministry. We are sure that this is not the end of God's work in this place! Before we turn to any sort of public sale, we would love to see Sumcay continue in reaching and building lives and community - like a children's home, a training venue, a base for a ministry ... maybe this is speaking to you?

For more information, please contact Brian Moore: +27 83 973 7042

Bookings still open
PS - You will be happy to know that Sumcay is still taking bookings up to and including Easter 2021, with responsibility taken by groups to meet the current covid regulations and requirements.

Sumcay, on the banks of the upper tidal reaches of the Swartkops River, is situated on a total of 15ha in Port Elizabeth, South Africa, and consists of en-suite bungalows with accommodation for 200 at 2 separate sites, halls, dining halls with well equipped kitchens, swimming pools and manager/staff accommodation.