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Censorship by the Press

Source: Africa Christian Action
Date Added: 2009-01-26

Category: Issues - Abortion


In what appears to be a case of censorship by the press, The Cape Times and Argus have again refused to place an obituary notice reading, “Abby Adams - In loving memory of Abby Adams and all other babies killed by abortion since 1 February 1997. May God have mercy. 'Speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves' Proverbs 31:8 ” under the “Deaths” section of the Classifieds.

Last year, the editor of the Cape Argus, Chris Whitfield, refused to place the advertisement in the Deaths column in its classified section because it "regards this as a space for private messages, one which is used by people to commemorate their loved ones." Yet the above obituary from a private individual was refused. Whitfield also claimed that the refusal to place the obituary notice was because they “thought it was inappropriate to include such a message amongst those notices placed by grieving families and friends” and that the notice may be “offensive” to some readers. The Classifieds manager said the notice could only be placed under the Personal Column, or under the Memoriurm Column without the phrase "killed by abortion".

This is hypocritical of the Cape Times and Argus as the Classifieds often contain legitimately offensive material such as abortuaries and Strip Club advertisements. Such "Strip Clubs" are known to often function as brothels. The “Births” section often contains an advert for “Baby City” congratulating all parents on the birth of their precious babies.

Would the Argus refuse an obituary notice to ‘the unknown soldier’ on 11 November in remembrance of all the soldiers who fell in WWI and WWII?

Is the Argus or the Times suggesting that all aborted babies are not real people and therefore not worthy of being listed under the Deaths section? Are they suggesting that pre-born babies killed by abortion are not 'loved ones'? Relatives of the pre-born babies killed, especially the mothers, are indeed grieving now. Research has shown that most women who have had an abortion suffer terribly from grief, depression, nightmares and even suicidal thoughts, sometimes 10 years after the abortion. We want to be able to encourage these women to find healing and forgiveness in Christ.

Freedom of speech seems to be undermined when newspaper editors censor obituary notices and refuse to give appropriate media coverage to the hidden holocaust of 800 000 South African babies killed by abortion.

Interestingly, Die Burger and The Citizen newspapers had no problem accepting the Christian Action obituary notice under their “Deaths” section.

On 1 February 1997 abortion-on-demand was legalised in South Africa. By 1 February 2009 over 800 000 South African babies will have lost their lives through abortion - legally - with tax payers money.

Africa Christian Action
PO Box 23632
Cape Town

Website: www.christianaction.org.za

Source: Africa Christian Action
Date Added: 2009-01-26

Category: Issues - Abortion
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