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SWITCHED ON Mission underway!

Opening Festival - 16th August

Source: SwitchedOnNMB Facebook page
Date Added: 2015-08-19

Category: General NewsRevival NewsTCN NewsPrayer NewsMissions News
After a three day Evangelism Training Summit it was time for the opening festival of the “Switched On” Mission. A crowd of over 5000 people gathered together in St George’s Cricket Stadium. As people entered the stadium, a brass band was playing which created a festive atmosphere. Joe Niemand led the crowds in worship, after which We Will Worship, a band from Johannesburg, took over. Danny Jordaan, mayor of Port Elizabeth, gave the official welcome, after which the crowd in unity prayed for him, the City Manager who was also in attendance, as well as the rest of the leadership of the city.

Michael Cassidy preached on “The storms of life”. He spoke about different storms we face in life. But, he told the crowd, no matter how big the storms are, Jesus can calm them. Stephen Lungu followed by sharing his testimony. He spoke on the many storms in his own life, from growing up in a loveless home and becoming a street kid to becoming one of the most ruthless gang leaders and hopeless drug addicts. One night he went out to bomb a big tent where an evangelistic meeting was taking place, but instead he found Jesus who calmed the storms in his life and gave him a peace that he had never experienced before.

Many people responded to the call to give their lives, as well as the storms in their lives, to Jesus. Counsellors worked for hours after the end of the meeting leading people to Christ, praying with them and taking their details down so that they can continue to build their friendships and invite them to join a local church. Patrick Douglas-Henry, one of the local pastors, said, “One of our counsellors experienced the power of God in a very meaningful way. The young man who he prayed with could not understand what was being said at first because he was so deaf. His hearing was so impaired that he was the recipient of a disability grant from the government. The counsellor laid hands on him and Jesus healed the deafness. Then he could hear and receive the Gospel of Salvation in Jesus.” Allan Verreynne, another local pastor, said, “One of the counsellors came out bawling his eyes out. He said he wouldn’t sleep that night!! He had been equipped during the Evangelism Training Summit and had led a man to Christ for the first time in his life time! Yes Lord, may this privilege be multiplied many times over, in Jesus name!”
See the SwitchedOnNMB facebook page for more testimonies, photos and updates.
Source: SwitchedOnNMB Facebook page
Date Added: 2015-08-19

Category: General NewsRevival NewsTCN NewsPrayer NewsMissions News
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