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Rhodes/Fees must Fall racism and the better alternative

Source: ChristianView Network
Date Added: 2016-02-26

Category: General NewsIssues - EducationIssues - Racism
Apart from their persistent vitriol against white students, the 'Rhodes Must Fall' facebook page is implicitly racist against black students. They repeatedly imply that black students from impoverished backgrounds cannot be held personally responsible for rioting and destroying others property, because the real cause is their disadvantage. 

Okay so now I have been working with black students from disadvantaged backgrounds since 1989 in fighting for Christian values on campus - including helping them in a week long campaign this month. They have participated in protests against abortion, evangelised other students, distributed literature, put up banners & posters, held placards against abortion.

- How many of them have rioted? Zero.
- How many of them racially insulted anyone else? Zero.
- How many racial arguments have they had in our multi-racial committees? Zero.
- Has anyone ever cared what the race is of the elected leaders? Never.
- And have I seen any of these disadvantaged black students treating an older person disrespectfully? No.
- And when Christian black students got abuse, insults and mistreatment from anti-Christian students, did they return the abuse? No.
- And have they clashed with university authorities? Well unavoidably when lecturers promote abortion. But did they insult or intimidate any of them? No. They wrote letters, circulated petitions and conscientiously objected to assisting with killing babies.
- And now these black disadvantaged students had meetings in the same rooms where these paintings that have just been burned were hanging. And did they ever damage them? No.
- And what did students do when they were unjustly treated by the university authorities? Well they prayed blessings on them and made another plan.

I am sometimes embarrassed at the level of respect with which these Christian black students treat me - and their traditional culture is always to treat older persons with considerably more respect than with white European culture.

And such 'Rhodes Must Fall' speeches, videoed and posted on the internet sound a bit phoney when read from a R5,000 tablet - which not many of us can afford.

So no the problem with these rioting students is not that they are black or disadvantaged, but that they have been fed Marxist lies i.e. that problems are caused by unjust structures and that one must riot to solve them. So really, "Rhodes/Fees Must Fall" are being racist in implying that disadvantaged black students cannot control themselves or be held responsible for rioting and destroying others property. The problem is Marxism, not race.

On the positive side, the evil of revolutionary Marxist activism, shows more clearly by contrast, the light of the Christian message on campus.


Please go to see pro-life, pro-moral, non-violent student activism of Students for Life, that happened this month at the same campus as the negative violent protest - made a big impact on thousands of students - with thousands of leaflets distributed, hundreds of students talked to, posters and banners displayed to help the unborn - the poorest of the poor - but got no media coverage.  This positive activism influences medical students to save babies from abortion rather than helping to abort them.  Students also contributed usefully to the current court case to stop legalised euthanasia. It also helped last year defend UCT SRC Vice-Chair,  Zizipho Pae against attempts to silence her views against homosexuality. Those we help train on one issue can also be a positive influence on other issues.

Please help us to be salt and light on South Africa's campuses by donating or volunteering to help.  We are also looking for those willing to do admin/secretarial type work such as phoning and data capture from home - let us know if you can.  If you can give financially, please donate to:

ChristianView Network at www.ChristianView.givengain.org

Yours sincerely,
Philip Rosenthal

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Source: ChristianView Network
Date Added: 2016-02-26

Category: General NewsIssues - EducationIssues - Racism
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