Praying for the Nelson Mandela Metro

Praying for the Nelson Mandela Metro

28 February to 6 March 2021
Encouragement:  I waited patiently for the Lord; And He inclined to me, and heard my cry. Psalm 40: 1
  • IMPORTANT: Please continue to pray for good rains in our catchment areas and throughout the dry areas of the Eastern Cape. (Zechariah 10: 1)
  • Pray for the Lord to protect the residents of NMB from a third wave of the coronavirus, for the healing of those that are not well at the moment, and for God to comfort and strengthen all those that have lost loved ones recently. (Ps 91; John 14: 1-3; 1 Corinthians 15: 3-7, 13-20)
  • Pray for a decrease in all types of addictive behaviour in the Bay. Pray for a huge decrease in drug and alcohol abuse; as well as a decrease in women and child abuse. Pray for caring people to report this type of negative behaviour to the correct authorities. (John 8: 32, 36)
  • Pray for parents and their children to be aware of the dangers of human trafficking in the Bay and to act sensibly and carefully at all times, but not to live in fear. Pray for these human trafficking syndicates to be exposed and justly dealt with by our legal system. (2Timothy 1: 7; Matthew 18: 3-6)
  • Pray against all kinds of criminal behaviour in the Bay; for gang members to be convicted of sin, turn to Christ, and change their behaviour. (John 16: 8)
  • Pray for the members of NMB: SAPS to be protected, to work with diligence and to be successful in their work. Pray for the decrease of all types of criminality in the Bay. (Ps 91: 11)
  • Pray for the protection of the Correctional Services' members in all their daily tasks, for them to be conscientious in their duties, to be alert and discerning in their dealing with the offenders, and to be successful in all their work. (Psalm 34: 7)
  • Pray for the Church in NMB:
    Praise the Lord God, Who hears and answers prayer! Praise God that congregations are allowed to gather together again.
    Let us never take this privilege for granted. Hebrews 10: 24-25
    • Praise God for the increased desire to pray and obey God, as well as the love and wonderful unity-of-relationship that is taking place, in the leadership and among congregations of many different denominations and movements - as they pray and work together to help those that are suffering economically in the Bay. (Romans 8: 28 - 30; John 17; 22-23)
    • Pray for great wisdom and discernment for our church leaders as they lead their flocks through this very difficult and confusing time. (Proverbs 3: 5-6)
    • Pray for wisdom, understanding, knowledge and guidance for all Christian leaders that are seeking to alleviate hunger in the Bay and who also desire to minister to the many grieving families in NMB at this time. (Psalm 41: 1- 3)
    • Pray for Christians to arise with greater faith in the Lord and to go into the world to preach the good news of salvation. (Matthew 28: 18-20; Mark 16: 15-18; Luke 24: 44-49)

Remember the promise:
 ... pray to the Lord for the city because if it prospers, you will prosper.  Jeremiah 29:7

Prayer pointers supplied by NMB: Transformation Christian Network.
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5 March 2021 (Friday)
  -  Women's World Day of Prayer  [more info]

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