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Meet with Jesus

Category: Miscellaneous, Evangelism, [ Worldwide ]
Date Added: 2012-05-21

The uniqueness of Christianity, while often being presented as one of the many alternative sets of religious rules to be followed, is far more about a real and personal relationship with a man named Jesus. The purpose of this Web Site is to invite readers into such a relationship that will then enhance greatly their reason for living. Among these pages they will discover for themselves that Christianity is not just a theory or speculation but a way of life. It's not even a philosophy of life but is a lived presence and experience of God's love available for all who seek it.

But firstly let me say that ever since I've been trying to pass on this 'Good News' of Jesus I have come across what I've called, for want of a better word, 'stoppers '. These are those difficult to answer questions that have either turned people away from their earlier belief in God's goodness and love or has prevented some of them from even giving the possible existence of God a second thought. The hardest of these to answer, and possibly the one most frequently asked, concerns the mystery of suffering - 'Why does a so called loving God allow the suffering that I have experienced either for myself or can see all around me' In an attempt to gain and hold your interest Reader I've decided to first tackle this particular 'stopper'

Answers to other 'stoppers' will follow in due course.

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