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TERMS & CONDITIONS:  Please read these terms and conditions before placing your ad.
Non-commercial Ads for churches, ministries and individual Christians in the following categories only:
 - Accommodation Wanted
 - Employment Offered
 - Employment Wanted (NB Ads for services offered are NOT free)

 - I Have ... [items with total value less than R2000],
 - I Want ...
 - Music Classifieds
  • NB. Only one free ad per subscriber per week! - maximum 50 words. Additional submissions from the same person or email address will be charged at our standard tariffs, regardless of category.
  • Please do not repeat the same ad in consecutive weeks - this will be viewed as an attempt to spam the system and all your ads will be removed.

 - Accommodation Offered
 - Business or commercial ads
 - Employment Wanted ads for services offered
 - I Have ...
[items with total value over R2000],
- Ad in any category longer than 50 words

Tariffs (per placement / week): Updated 1 Feb 2015
 •  Up to 60 words - R80
 •  61 - 120 Words - R140
 •  121 - 180 Words - R180
 •  181 - 300 Words - R240
 •  Display Ad (600 x 120 pixels) - R240
 •  Jumbo Display Ad (600 x 240 pixels) - R400

Enter your ad below, and we will place your ad and email you an invoice with our bank details for payment.

  • Our Classifieds are provided as a service to the Christian community. All ads placed must have relevance to Christian readers in the Nelson Mandela Metropole and surrounding areas.

  • All ads submitted are moderated by our editorial staff before posting to our website, so it may take up to 24 hours for your ad to appear. Obvious attempts to spam the system or post to inappropriate categories will be automatically excluded. We do not place free ads for Multi Level Marketing, Affiliate programs, Loan Offers or any 'Get rich quick' schemes.

  • Placement of ads is at our sole discretion and we do not guarantee to place any ad received. We reserve the right to edit any free ad where deemed necessary.

  • All accepted ads will be displayed on our website for up to 3 months. Suitable ads will also appear once in our E-Classifieds which are distributed in the Nelson Mandela Metropole.

FOR OUR RECORDS: (These details are not included in your ad)
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Any submissions with invalid addresses will automatically be rejected.
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Maximum length for ads is 50 words: You have words remaining.
(DO NOT include your email address in the message text - to include your email address with your ad,
select "Yes" in the panel above, otherwise please include other contact details in your message)


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By submitting this ad to our Classifieds, you agree to the Terms and Conditions on this page, and to receive our free weekly email Calendar, weekly email Classifieds, and other selected email Adverts (no more than 4 per week). You may unsubscribe from any of these 3 mailing lists at any time. Your email address is never sold or shared with others.
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