Borehole Drilling & Pumps
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Borehole Drilling & Pumps

PE Truckers Inn T/A
Country-wide drilling, pump installations and geological surveying: residential and commercial

Borehole Drilling
Borehole drilling is becoming increasingly popular amongst property owners. This will give you access to a reliable supply of fresh water. Ideal where water is scarce or where consumption is high. Having a borehole puts you in control of your own water supply.

Pump Installations
Your all-in-one, one-stop installation specialists of any submersible pump, high pressure pump, water tanks and filter systems for a turnkey project. Ideal for home and business purposes.

Geological Surveying
- Geophysics for drilling control on site
- Geological report and water analysis of borehole siting
- Registration of boreholes for dam and underground water

We’ve been in the business of bringing you professional and friendly borehole drilling and pump installation services for over 30 years. We have been involved in many projects including schools, hospitals, private homes, factories and shopping centres.

For expert guidance on your borehole drilling project, contact us on the Contact page or send us a quote request.

For friendly advice or quotations:  
William Smith
082 557 9400
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