Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.)

Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.)

COMPARISON MATRIX of Ad Options in the Christian Business Directory

We promote businesses in our Christian Business Directory through a variety of channels: website, email and facebook.  The table below shows what is included in every 12 month period you are listed.

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List Price (per year) R720 R1440 R1980 R2640
Annual price (discounted) R480 R1280 R1680 R2280
Monthly payment option Deposit R120
R80 per month
Deposit R240
R120 per month
Deposit R330
R165 per month
Deposit R440
R220 per month
In our WEBSITE Directory        
Text Listing yes yes yes yes
Graphical Display Ad - yes yes yes
Graphical Full Page Ad - - - yes
Size of main ad Text block 450 x 225 pixels 450 x 360
715 x 1011 pixels *
Rotating Banner (views per year) - - - 1500
In our EMAILS        
E-Classifieds - Text 4 - - -
E-Classifieds - Display Ad - 4 - 4
E-Classifieds - Jumbo Display Ad - - 4 -
Condensed Business Directory 1 line 2 lines 2 lines 3 lines
   - Heading standard standard standard bold
Full Page Email Ad - - - 1

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Prices valid from 1st February 2023

Date Added: 2015-01-27  | Last Updated:  2024-04-30

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