What is the GOLD Advertising Package?

Our Advertising Packages promote your business in our Christian Business Directory and a variety of channels: website, email and printed media. The table below shows what is included in the GOLD PACKAGE every 12 month period you are listed.

Price (per year) R9600
   - Saving R2480
Price (monthly payment option) Deposit R960
R800 per month
In our WEBSITE Directory  
Text Listing yes
Graphical Display Ad yes (Jumbo)
Graphical Full Page Ad yes
Size of main ad 715 x 1011 pixels
Rotating Banner (views per year) 1500
In our EMAILS  
E-Classifieds - Text -
E-Classifieds - Display Ad -
E-Classifieds - Jumbo Display Ad 12
Condensed Business Directory 3 lines
   - Heading bold
Full Page Email Ad 6
In our PRINTED Directory supplement  
Listing 3 lines
   - Heading bold
Display Ad Half Page
The above pricing includes:
1. Full Page Ad in our website Christian Business Directory for 12 months. (see sample and more info)
2. Full Page Email Ad as above, sent out to our mailing list (5,700+ recipients) every second months for 12 months.
3. Jumbo Display Ad in our weekly E-Classifieds (6,300+ recipients) once per month for 12 months. (see sample and more info)
4. Half Page Ad (14.8 cm wide x 10.4 cm high) in our annual PRINTED Directory supplement. (see more info)

The following bundled extras are included free with your package:
a. Your Jumbo Display Ad is displayed as a Banner Ad near the top of the Classifieds page on our website at least 1,500 times per year (see www.pechurchnet.co.za/community/classifieds.php).
b.  Bold 3-line listing, which links to your Full Page Ad, in our CONDENSED Christian Business Directory, sent every quarter to 5,700 recipients by email (see www.pechurchnet.co.za/cbd/business_directory_condensed.pdf).
c.  Bold 3-line listing, including your Full Page Ad web address, in our PRINTED Christian Business Directory Supplement booklet, minimum 10,000 copies per year (see www.pechurchnet.co.za/cbd/printed_directory_info.php).

Comparison matrix of ad options: www.pechurchnet.co.za/details.php?module=faq&id=10

Submit your application: www.pechurchnet.co.za/cbd/apply.php

(Prices valid from 1st February 2015 / spec updated 20 May 2019)

Date Added: 2015-02-18  | Last Updated:  2019-07-01

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