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Category: Church Networking, Directories, [ National ]
Date Added: 2017-06-28

ChristianHub – a comprehensive online directory and resource hub.

All across Africa, there is an intricate and inspirational network of Christian ministries and organisations, passionate to see God’s kingdom advance in this beautiful continent. What started as a resource directory for South Africa, ChristianHub aims to become a platform that serves the wider African network over time.

ChristianHub connects you to resourceful people doing inspiring work. With thousands of listed organisations and key resources, ChristianHub will help connect you to the people and places you’re seeking, grow your knowledge and enrich your networks.

Our platform provides you with an extensive range of Christian resources and information. In addition to articles and videos, these resources include infographics, useful website links and strategic documents like charters, registration forms and key legislation impacting your organisation – aimed to equip and support you, both personally and organisationally on your faith journey.

We partner with a number of organisations that share a common pursuit of creating Kingdom impact through connection and collaboration.

Formerly South African Christian Directory, the legacy of the South African Christian Handbook - An online directory, accessible to all, free of charge, mobile friendly and secure in order to facilitate access to key information of a wide scope of sectors.

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