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The Coping Skills Centre

The Coping Skills Centre
Do you have problems due to  ADHD?

If you have a child that has been diagnosed with Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, or if you know someone who does, you might want to consider our help.
Our center helps parents/guardians and their children learn how to cope with ADHD and other related problems, as well as with learning difficulties.
Do you have family related problems?
If you have problems and difficulties with personal relationships, marriage problems, teenage problems, or any other personal difficulty, the Coping Skills Center offers solutions that may help you resolve those issues.
We offer help and support to families with members of all ages. We can also help you with difficulties related to children's learning disabilities and/or adults who have problems with organization, time management and others.
Hand Made
STARTING SOON: Creative Arts & Crafts age appropriate for school-going children during
holidays and weekends.

The Coping Skills Center operates from
No 7 Cosmos Street in Linton Grange. 

-  Therapy focuses on the whole family;
-  Caters for adults who suffer from ADHD;
-  Therapy is tailor-made for each individual's  
    specific needs;
-  Parents/guardians are given specific 
   guidelines for specific problems;
-  Focus on specific coping skills such as 
   behaviour management, time management    and life strategies for future coping.


Contact Us

Phone:  041 360 8472
Fax:       041 360 1625
Cell:      072 496 9633

To find us: drive down Bramlin Street from
McDonald's towards Bougainvillea Drive.
Turn 2nd right into Lavender Ave, and then
2nd left into Cosmos Street. No 7 is the 4th
house on the right-hand side.
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