Classifieds Ads - Terms & Conditions
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Terms & Conditions

Our Classifieds are provided as a service to the Christian community. All ads placed must have relevance to Christian readers in the Nelson Mandela Metro and surrounding areas.


Non-commercial ads for churches, ministries and individual Christians in the following categories only:
- Accommodation Wanted
- Employment Offered
- Employment Wanted (NB Ads for services offered are NOT free)
- I Have ...
- I Want ...
- Music Classifieds

NB. Only one free ad per subscriber per week! - maximum 50 words. Additional submissions from the same person or email address will be charged at our standard tariffs, regardless of category. Please do not repeat the same ad in consecutive weeks - this will be viewed as an attempt to spam the system and all your ads will be removed.


- Accommodation Offered
- Business or commercial ads
- Employment Wanted ads for services offered
- Any ad longer than 50 words
- Any ad containing a graphic

Tariffs - per placement (week): Updated 1st February 2015

Submit your ad and we will email you an invoice within 24 hours (business days) or 48 hours (weekends and public holidays) with our bank details for payment.