The Vision of PE Churchnet

The Vision of PE Churchnet

God has only one Kingdom ... we are either part of it, or not. It stands to reason that He has one overall vision for our region. As the Christians of Port Elizabeth (Nelson Mandela Metropole), we need to find out what that vision is ....

Our vision:Jesus loves PE !!

... is to see ALL churches in the Nelson Mandela Metropole who subscribe to foundational Christian beliefs join together to further the work of Jesus Christ to a desperately needy society.

... is to see local Christians linked together over the Internet so that vision, prophecy, testimonies, prayer needs, etc. can be quickly and easily communicated to those who care to know.

... is that people searching for truth over the Internet may find JESUS, instead of all the other false idealogies that abound.

... is to provide a quick and easy point of reference to valuable Christian resources.

Our foundational beliefs