Praying for the Nelson Mandela Metro

Praying for the Nelson Mandela Metro

1st to 7th August 2021
Encouragement: Do not be afraid, Stand still and see the Salvation of the Lord... Exodus 14: 13

Pray for:
  • Peace in our Land: Let's us not sit back in presumption, but let us continue to pray for peace in our Land. Pray that there will be no second wave of violence, but that the plans of those that would try to undermine our country would be foiled, and that the planners will be exposed and justly sentenced. The economic recovery of warehouses, shops, and all other businesses that were negatively affected by the looting and violent protests; an amazing economic plan and recovery in SA; for good foreign investment; and emotional healing for all those who suffered any kind of loss during the violence.
    Great wisdom and protection for our President Cyril Ramaphosa and all those in authority in our Land, as well for the members of the community, the SAPS, the Armed forces, and our Correctional Facilities. The safety of the convoys carrying food items into KwaZulu-Natal. Pray for all unholy covenants to be destroyed. (Psalm 91)
  • The COVID Third Wave: Praise God for all those that have been healed of COVID and pray for their complete recovery. Protection over your own household; all those that have been infected by the virus to be healed and restored; believers in NMB to stand by faith on the Word of God and not to fear (2 Tim. 1: 7); God to raise up a standard against the onslaught of the third wave in NMB and SA (Isaiah 59:19b); the Lord to protect the NMB community against this third wave (Psalm 91); people to adhere to the restrictions put in place to prevent the spread of the virus: masks, sanitizing, social distancing etc.; the Lord to continue to comfort and give divine peace to those people who have lost loved ones. (John 11: 25-26)
  • Church: wisdom and strategy for all those in any kind of Christian leadership; the church to alleviate the great physical need in our country at this time; continued and deepening unity-of-purpose and unity-of-relationship - both in congregations and interdenominationally. With the pressures of life today, people are seeking for purpose and peace. Believers to use this opportunity to freely share the Gospel with those that are seeking; Christians to give an account of the hope that they have within them; and for many people in NMB and S.A. to receive the Lord Jesus Christ as their Lord and Saviour. The Lord to pour out His Spirit on all flesh!
    (Joel 3: 14; Acts 2: 17; John 14: 6; John 16: 33; 1 Peter 3: 15)

Remember the promise:
 ... pray to the Lord for the city because if it prospers, you will prosper.  Jeremiah 29:7

Prayer pointers supplied by NMB: Transformation Christian Network.
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