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Category: Music & Worship

House of Worship Music School

Street Address
21 Emerald Street
Mount Pleasant
Port Elizabeth
Tel:  079 280-3600
House of Worship is a worship-based music school situated in Mount Pleasant, Port Elizabeth. We were established in 2011 as a place of musical tutoring and creative expression for those who are passionate about worship and the power it holds for us as believers.

House of Worship provides tutoring on the following instruments: Guitar, Bass guitar, Drums, Piano and Vocals. We are fully equipped with drum kits, pianos and guitars to ensure that students are given the optimal environment to develop their musical ability regardless of whether they own their own instrument or not. Students are free to practice whenever suits them.

Our tutors are from different churches all over the city and are passionate about raising up a generation of musically-competent worshippers.

House of Worship is not only for the younger generations but for worshippers of any age. Our premises is the ideal training ground for church worship teams or even youth worship teams looking to improve their musical abilities in a worship setting as well as a great place to send your vocal teams to focus on blending, harmonies and pronunciation.

We are open Monday-Friday from 14:30-19:00 and on Saturdays from 9:00-13:00.

House of Worship is affiliated with Oasis Family Church. Please email us for an info pack or if you have an enquiries.

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