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Prayer for Marcell Myburgh (Richards Bay)

Source: Garth and Giselle Ginsburg
Date Added: 2008-12-04


There comes a time in your life where everything gets ripped from under you and all you have is faith in the Lord.

My wonderful wife, Ankia, gave birth to beautiful twin boys on Thursday 20 November in the Bay hospital here in Richards Bay. Chevahl & Marcell Myburgh, were born 3 months premature, Chevahl, 2 minutes older than Marcell is doing well, but not so with Marcell. The Doctor found that Marcell has a level 4 bleeding on the brain, the highest level there is. He faces a life of being cared for, for the rest of his life. There is a very slight chance that the brain might absorb the blood and that he might come home without any brain damage, but as the doctor said "that would be a miracle"

Today I am asking for a miracle!

I beg you to please send this to every one you know and ask them to say a prayer. For our Lord to please hold His healing hands over my child's body and if He sees it fit, to wash the blood away and let Marcell's brain recover so that he can come home one day and play with his twin brother.

I thank you.

Warm Regards
Jacques & Ankia Myburgh

Source: Garth and Giselle Ginsburg
Date Added: 2008-12-04

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