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New Movie Release Spearheads SA Anti-Human Trafficking Campaign

Source: Humble Pie Entertainment
Date Added: 2010-07-31


Press Release - Humble Pie Entertainment - 30 July 2010

Humble Pie Entertainment is running the anti-human trafficking campaign with the release of their latest film A Dance for Bethany. The main aim of this campaign is to improve and align co-ordination between governments and organisations that have pledged their commitment towards the fight against the trafficking of human beings for profit.

Human trafficking is understood to be the process of recruitment and transportation of people by means of deception or force for the purpose of exploitation. This exploitation most commonly involves forced prostitution, but victims are also trafficked for bonded labor and domestic servitude. The enforcement of laws to stop human trafficking remains inadequate in South Africa. Few criminals are convicted, and the majority of victims never receive help.

A network of more than 61 local and 38 international anti-human trafficking organizations have been identified and invited to come along side Humble Pie Group for the campaign, which will be an ongoing campaign, launched in June 2010.

A Dance for Bethany, will be released in South African rental stores on 27 July, and in the retail DVD will be available in stores from 27 August 2010. The fictional story, based on true events, portrays the reality of the sex trafficking market, particularly in the US, also highlighting the global repercussions of this horrendous crime. This movie forms part of a global anti human-trafficking awareness campaign, pioneered by US filmmakers Yvonne and Marion Williams.

It tells the story of a reporter’s (played by Robyn Lively) struggle to free herself from the bondage of a politically correct, but comfortably mundane lifestyle, in her quest to help Bethany Stevenson (Laurie Beth Edgeman), a stripper forced to work as a prostitute. The movie is also a romantic drama about the friction between Abbey and her husband, James (William McNamara), who used to be passionate for justice when they first dated in college, but who become complacent in their professional success.

Schools, churches and other community groups that want to utilise this film as an educational tool or outreach opportunity can obtain a screening license from Humble Pie Entertainment. NGO’s, churches and the general public are also being educated about movie rights, piracy and public screening rights throughout the entire campaign. Humble Pie Entertainment is marketing and selling A Dance for Bethany to the rental and retail market in South Africa.

Source: Humble Pie Entertainment
Date Added: 2010-07-31

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