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Using art to influence others for the good of society

Church in the Community - Media Release in the Herald: 4th December 2023

Source: TCN / Sonia Strumpfer
Date Added: 2023-12-04

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Art is one of the seven spheres of influence or seven mountains or domains of society.

The spheres are: family, church, education, media/communication, arts /entertainment/sport, science and technology, economy and government.

Loren Cunningham (founder of Youth With A Mission) in 1975 spoke about a strategy to disciple nations which include the above-mentioned areas of influence.

The same message was given to Bill Bright founders of Campus Crusade for Christ.

This is not a new revelation, as missionaries like William Carey and Abraham Kyper used the same principles to pioneer and influence their society, starting with schools in particular in the 19th Century.

In 2006 Landa Cope wrote: The Old Testament Template which greatly influenced me as I realised that art is hardly considered as a sphere of influence.

The question is this: how do we influence society as Christians?

For me, as an artist: How does creativity influence our communities?

Leaders like Loren Cunningham and Lance Wallnau saw a panoramic vision, but we on the ground in our everyday lives are the ones making a difference by what and how we do things.

Saving souls or salvation could never be our end goal, but only the beginning!

To disciple and change nations should be our end goal.

So, my slice of the pie is the arts.

I know for sure that is where God has called me to make a difference.

I have formed an informal group of artists coming together and share about their work.

Recreate encourage Christian artists to be the best artist they can and make a difference in society by using art as a tool.

We encourage artists to make their work count. 

We organize art exhibitions together.

We go on outings where we “paint or draw our prayers”.

When we pray, we take our painting with, it gives people a visual to have faith for what they are praying.

This also makes a prophetic statement.

Land art projects have recently been done by some of our artists to beautify an area.

Murals went up in malls and in significant areas.

Some works by artists are used for book covers.

During the lockdown a book was written that the artists illustrated.

We help in programmes to help people free themselves from addiction, whereby art projects people find it easier to express their feelings.

Art is also very helpful for inner healing as it provides a medium for people to express themselves.

Within this group artists are encouraged to find their “thing” and reach out to the world.

A group like Recreate gives creative people the opportunity to connect with likeminded people and get involved in projects all over town as needed.

Examples are free programmes, land art projects, prayer initiatives, conferences, art classes, retreats and art outreaches to other towns.

If people want more information, they can contact me or connect via the Facebook Recreate group.
Sonia  Strumpfer
Fine Artist and leader of the Recreate Art Group
Source: TCN / Sonia Strumpfer
Date Added: 2023-12-04

Category: General NewsTCN NewsIssues - GeneralMedia News
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